Ethical Sourcing

Ethical SourcingEthical Sourcing
Whether you are connecting with friends, working with colleagues or breaking away from your day to enjoy a quiet moment to yourself, we know you may want to do this over a cup of good coffee.
We believe you, our guest, always deserve delicious South African roasted coffee. This is why we source only the best blends of organically-grown Arabica coffee from Africa, and the best organically-grown, decaffeinated Columbian coffee from a single source.
Café Societi beans are grown at high altitudes where there are naturally fewer insects. This allows each plant to grow at a slower rate without the need for chemicals and pesticides and to produce beans guaranteed to deliver perfect balance, complexity and depth of flavour in every cup.
Café Societi beans are sourced responsibly from small farmers – empowering these farmers and the communities they support and ensuring we know the exact origin of every single bean.

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